Old Nations

Excerpt from Disaster of Logran by Elwin Corbon – Publish date: 334 AK (After Kesmyr)

Logran was an expansive kingdom that was said to have spanned the northern shores of the Southern continent. Accounts of the multiple blights on crops and plagues were the cause of this kingdom to shrink back to the jungle capital town of Logran, according to the legers kept within the depths of the Library Universitas. The Kingdom produced most of our spice, dyes, and glass trade. Their normal political stance was that of neutrality given the distance from the warlike continent to the east. Their arbiters were sought out to settle disputes between the Bylarian and Nerum governments. Their architecture favored marble, tile, and open archways. It is written that their people did not much believe in privacy and most houses and businesses would allow the warm ocean breeze to flow through the town. Their legal documents illustrate ridiculous notions of equal representation and citizenship rather than a proper noble system. These documents reference a centralized law book but none as of yet has been found.
It is theorized the disaster which decimated Logran was a quick influx of water off the surrounding mountains which precipitated the mud encapsulation of the city. These events occurred seventy five years prior. The citizens who were in Erast were present in a few ship logs but sadly no ships bound for Logran even after this tragedy returned to port. Thus investigations as to what exactly happened to the doomed city are pure speculation and gossip.

Excerpt from The Fall of Kesmyr by Elwin Corbon – Publish date: 332 AK (After Kesmyr)

Kesmyr was the first kingdom to be lost in the books of history. Accounts state this kingdom fell into what is now the bay of Kesmyr. Around this tragedy, national chroniclists document the beginning of the slow decline of the kingdom’s resources. The resources Kesmyr produced have been lost in records except for tales of folklore and myth. The nation was close allies with Nerum and it seemed the alliance helped maintain peace in the Eastern Continent. The legal documentations allude to a society of scholars and artisans that were lead by a committee of Luminaries who were experts in their fields. It is thought that their society is the origin of the Universitas’ structure and teachings. Much of the details of their society is lost due to the rapid onset of the tragedy and the lack of the Universitas’ record keeping.

Old Nations

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