Guilds and Organizations

Erast’s Guilds

Guild of Advertisers – This guild is comprised of hawkers, hecklers, tour guides, and yes men that serve the city to promote merchants welcome the visitors. Reputation with this guild is quite important with Merchants.

Thieves Guild – Think of them more of a corporate espionage guild; if your rival is having too much luck or cut their wares too short just hire a friendly individual from this guild to fix your friend. There are two open members of this guild and they purchase the permits for the guild to operate without too much legal issues. There are rumors that with enough money your rival could have a tragic accident.

Entertainers Guild – Bards, storytellers, and wordsmiths are trained within this guild. Their slogan is ‘we give life substance and meaning.’

Guild of Chance – They have their hands in every gambler’s den, casino, or dice game that happens in Erast. The guild also provides odds/bets monthly of bad things happening to you, such as theft, arson, death, and accident. Of course those who are likely to be targeted have odds in their favor and so must bet more to get a higher payout.

Mercers – Hired and given permits by the Council to provide protection and order within the city. These hired individuals assist in the role of city guard.

Alliance of Merchants – These non competing merchants work together to gain the edge on the wealthy merchant families. The Council works from time to time to outlaw this guild but instead levies hefty permit fees.

As a note if you can think of an organization or society it is probably found within Erast, above are only a few notable groups.

Global Secret societies

Cult of the Great Silence – Rumors abound of individuals who actively work to bring about the great silence or the end times. No one actively represents this cult.

The marked band – This group believes in the myth of the marked company who are destined to combat and overcome the Great Silence.

Guilds and Organizations

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