Voices in the Great Silence

The Story so far...

Prologue: A marked band of prophecy

After multiple centuries of watching these incessant creatures journey in and out of the prison grove, I was able to follow a thread of fate and possibility, luckily one of the few that survived in the blighted world outside. This begins our watch of the marked company, their start began a fairly humble if not degrading and violent start.

The delicious avarice of a shop owner spurred an organization of this destined company. A scholar Solaris, the door guard orphan Ssir’qxet’vyssz Tal’xssth, a devotee of Samsara Fial O’Maar, a paranoid vanguard Naudn, a shipless captain Armando Worraps, an assassin of Samsara, and a dying drunk Hert. There were others involved in this band but their revolt happened upon the gem plagued city of Erast in a prison. Their stories are still being worked in by our lovely Victor and his court of gods, beasts, demons, and godesses. On with Hert’s generosity, the troupe enjoyed a night of drink, brawls, and excitement some more than others. The cautious Naudn refused to imbibe the horrible swill the seedy Bylarian bar served. This misgiving lead to a more painful initiation to slavedom. Naudn courageously attempted to fight fully armed guards; shielded by her employer Solaris’ unconscious body and armed with her mug of ale. Concerned about being branded with a murder mark she expertly lobbed her untouched drink into the brazier of the torturer. This bought her a painful scar and many bruises and possibly a broken cheek.

The hungover six and pummeled one woke bound on a slaver ship headed for who knows where. The galley cook Finbar Galedeep and his friendly otter served the battered new slaves their meager meals. The Priest Fial promised death and torture on the crew in this life and the next. The crafty assassin attempted to find a new place in the Bylarian ranks. Resourceful Solaris attempted to remove the manacles with a splinter. Ssir’qxet’vyssz had found memories of his youth within the orphanage and mused that his treatment was much better by his current captures. Armando and Naudn plotted on ways to seek retribution for their lot in life. Hert proceeded to become sicker and possibly infect those around him with his consumption. An organized slave rebellion was planned and executed. The murderous band decimated their captures and decorated the ship with a new sheen of blood. Many slaves perished except for six lucky individuals Solaris could save. Captain Boris the Touched welcomed his new crew of murderous fiends but was shortly after a head shorter. Solaris was named the new Captain of Freedom.

Freedom was welcomed back into the Vornis Harbor to the wreckage of Erast. The saved seven stayed on the boat while the worried six searched the city for any signs of life. I was able to slightly touch the world and produce a pillar of light to guide these destined souls to my waiting talons. The curious six came to visit me in the Creator’s house and freed the host of deities. For their efforts I attempted to educate them of their plight and the peculiarity of their race though I am unsure if they completely understood my lectures. After some time my Lady called me to her side and I am sure others petitioned the band for allegiance and service. I do hope they remembered my advice of remaining neutral. They were killed each and everyone of them to be weaved back into the soul tapestry and as compromised upon ‘maturity’ have their memories released in the new existence.

Now I am free to perform my Lady’s tasks in the world abroad spread her words and maintain her balance upon creation. I am sure my fate has been irreversibly linked with these enigmatic creatures.

— Korin
Scourge of Bathum, Destroyer of Guelder, Savior of Gesh, Reaver of Defnasir, Deceiver of Mergandevandecender, The Watcher outside of fate

Chosen of ….


This Korin fella sounds interesting, especially considering his titles.

The Story so far...
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