Voices in the Great Silence

Captain’s log ‘Freedom’

We seem to be sailing at the whims of some new business partners. They wish to journey out to uncharted waters though I know my crew won’t let us down. It will be a hard journey and I asked for triple rations, some navigation charts, more weapons, and extra supplies. I feel the sea will be quite wicked out in the parts they wish to go but there maybe promise. I hope the crew don’t get any funny ideas out in the waves. I hired on a minstrel I hope it was worth the emerald; they do tend to be a whiney lot.

Two weeks out to sea and we follow the trade route up to Nethelil. I have tried to stay to my quarters, our new guests some seem familiar but I can’t place them yet so they might be dangerous. So far the journey has been uneventful; sadly the damned bard has been completely worthless he can’t carry a tune hanging over bulwark. At least the crew seems amused to take jibs at the man’s misery, plus all he knows are courtly melodies and no shanties. The weather looks favorable and we will probably make Nethelil in a week and turn westward.
Finbarr Galedeep, Captain of Freedom


dogar dogar

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