Voices in the Great Silence

Bringing Everyone Up to Speed

Having freed the gods and been reincarnated with full memories 50 years later in a world that is a strange yet familiar place, we find that races, familiar to us in our second life, are wholly alien to our first life. We have lived similar lives for the most part to reach this point when our memories were restored. The great city of Erast has been rebuilt and the world continues on much as it had before.

Our fellow captives survived into old age. They helped bring Solaris Inc. through the last 50 years lead by Solaris’ 30 year old daughter Angela Solaris. She is likely unrelated to Solaris considering the time gap and simply assuming the identity to justify her controlling share of Solaris Inc. Nevertheless she has show remarkable business acumen, grown the business into an amazing enterprise as well as taken care of our fellow survivors and Solaris’ mother.

We have regained our memories only to find out few would believe who we were and that Solaris Inc. is scheduled for arson at the end of the week if we are unable to come up with an amazing sum of 15,000 silver. A little research has shown that someone on the Trade Council is likely behind the attack contracted to the thieves guild. Thankfully we know exactly who will try to burn Solaris Inc. to the ground and when they will strike. Unfortunately it is us and another group … and we are magically bound by contract to assist.


dogar gunsaregood

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