Voices in the Great Silence

Many wonder of man’s fate in the world of Tahir. Others wonder what will happen if the Great Silence fully engulfs the world. There are only a few oasis left for man to settle and thrive. Nations that once engulfed continents only boast a few struggling outposts aside from their capital. Many have lost hope but continue their pitiful existence. Others work to bribe the gods that have forsaken the land.

All wish they could visit the island city of Erast, the City of jewels and learning. Erast is a neutral ground from all nations and many go there to trade or to learn at the University. Some wish to see the Lake of Baubles or the grove of the Thirteen. Rani Vireca rules the city nation with the council of traders. If someone is searching for something it can be found here.

The game will start in the city of Erast. I plan on having a ‘prologue’ game with everyone as level 0 humans to set the stage and learn the system. Be thinking of race and class and make the character sheet for want your character could be.

I plan on the game being more of a sandbox style where the characters are free to explore, develop holdings, and/or interact with the metaplot of the world. At the moment the world has only humans due to said metaplot but that is not to restrict people. The other fantasy races will be playable once the ‘prologue’ is complete (in theory).

I would like about six – eight players for the game. I plan on plots that encompass socialization in addition to combat and I feel the Fantasy Craft rule set will assist in making this a reality. I am still world building right now but know that this prime material plane is connected to the cosmos of D&D, for example Sigil, Forgotten Realms, and the deity structure will be supported.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Thanks

Voices in the Great Silence

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